Why TellHappyStar?

The survey’s name, TellHappyStar, isn’t a mere coincidence. Based on Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s official logo, it features a smiling five-pointed star in yellow. There is nothing more than fast-food chain management and owners want from you than a smile! The TellHappyStar survey allows you to tell them what you want and they will do their best to make you smile.


The Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurant chain cares about its customers. Thus, they have launched a special survey that rewards participants with free food, besides gathering their feedback on the attention and the service provided. If you have recently dined at one of the chain’s restaurants, visit www.TellHappyStar.com. After filling out the information on your receipt, you can take a customer satisfaction survey.

Why TellHappyStar Survey?

CKE Restaurant Holdings operates Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, a fast-food chain in the United States that was founded in 1941. As of today, it has franchises in the United States, Australia, Canada, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. On the Top Franchise 500 list, the company is ranked #54. The company operates 3664 restaurants in 44 states in the US and 38 overseas. There are hamburgers, French fries, chicken, salads, and soft drinks on the menu.


The survey is easy to use because the questions are straightforward, and the interface is intuitive. Furthermore, the website, www.tellhappystar.com, is easy to navigate. Upon completing the survey, you will also be entered into the sweepstakes. Want to know what the prize is? It’s a whopping $1000.

The evaluators of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s will carefully review your responses to the TellHappyStar questionnaire, and only suggestions that can be implemented will be chosen. Also, they will notify their superiors if there is a problem with the outlet so that problems can be addressed promptly.